Seven Day Literacy Challenge

Here’s a challenge I received and am passing to you, my readers.

For seven days, post the cover of a book (written by a woman) you have read and enjoyed. One book a day-no explanation, no reviews needed. According to the challenge, you’re supposed to call out one person each day to join in. Let’s promote literacy!

Please post your’s in the comments and/or share with your friends!




Arnemetia is a Romano-Celtic water goddess who possesses healing and restorative powers. Her sacred grove was at Buxton Springs,
Derbyshire, in the East Midlands region of England. She was worshipped by the Corieltauvi.

Image: “Arenmetia ‘healing restoration’ by Jessica Galbreth” (from Pinterest)


Russia, election interference, emoluments clause, China, Iran, and other important issues are being investigated and discussed. But….what else is happening in Congress? has it covered! Votes in the last week:


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