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Part of the “Angry Mob”



If you’re angry about what’s happening to women and girls in the country and around the world, welcome to the “Angry Mob” party!



Brett Kavanaugh: WE DO NOT BELIEVE YOU!

Donald Trump: WE DO NOT SUPPORT YOU! You do not speak for all of America in apologizing to Kavanaugh. Doctor Ford’s life and her families’ lives were turned upside down and threatened because she came forward and spoke HER TRUTH. But you did not apologize to, nor sympathize, nor support them.


If you are angry about the Kavanaugh hearings and ascension to Justice on SCOTUS, vote BLUE in November 2018. Full investigations into the veracity of Kavanaugh’s statements made under oath can be enacted.


If you are angry about Trump, vote BLUE in November. This will help insure the current investigations into Russia’s interference in our election systems, Trump&Family actions, possible violations of the emoluments clause, and other potentially illegal activity by DJT and his family and cohorts can continue. Don’t forget the lawsuits and sexual assault complaints lodged against Trump.


Help sweep the Good Ole Boys’ Grabby Old Perverts party out. Help elect candidates who want to help women and girls thrive and not set us back to the 1950s or 1850’s.


Lying Under Oath?

Regarding the nomination of U.S. Circuit Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court Of the United States (SCOTUS), protesters need to widen the focus to include and also highlight LYING UNDER OATH to the Senate Judiciary Committee, other committees, and law enforcement officials.

If the focus is solely on he said/she said/they said regarding sexual assault, GOP will likely ram his nomination through versus if he lied under oath. Lying under oath is a harder pill for GOPers to swallow as well as he can be prosecuted and, if true, should be for perjury/lying under oath [no matter how small the lie, such as he never blacked out due to drinking].

Am not diminishing the sexual assault allegations; it is Trump and his party who are trying to make Kavanaugh’s fitness and approval to be a SCOTUS judge solely about that rather than including and considering Kavanaugh’s temperament, truthfulness or lying (as many news outlets have demonstrated Kavanaugh has lied), or any other quality viewed as essential to have in order to be considered as acceptable for a lifetime appointment to the court which will decide laws for ALL Americans.

So, please, do not overlook and undervalue the other aspects all Americans and all Senators should look at clearly and without party lines: temperament, truthfulness, record, and the partisanship and blame-game Kavanaugh demonstrated during the last hearing.

Don’t be fooled by the game of focusing only on the topic of sexual assault.

Mocking Sexual Assault Survivors Is A Red Herring From Trump & GOP

Trump’s words at Tuesday night’s rally for a female candidate were despicable. How is it that anyone thinks this is okay? And, applauds his behavior?

What is it Trump didn’t want talked about?
Could it be:

  • The limitations placed by the White House and Senate Republicans on the FBI’s investigation into Kavanaugh.
  • A judge allowing the Senate investigation into POTUS violating the emoluments clause.
  • The NYT story about Trump family taxes.
  • 1400+ dead in Indonesia.
  • Damage in the Carolinas.
  • The White House ignored Dr. Ford’s words when Kavanaugh was included in the short-list of possible nominations to SCOTUS.
  • FLOTUS is in one of those, in Trump’s words, “$hithole” countries in Africa.
  • Good Ole’ Boy Networking.
  • White, Male Privilege and “women are men’s playthings” mentality.
  • Election Interference Investigation and Trump ties to Russia, Putin, and Oligarchs.
  • Stormy Daniels and Karen MacDougall.
  • Paul Manafort, Michal Cohen, Michael Flynn, et.al.
  • Reverses in Affordable Healthcare.
  • Relaxation and removal of environmental regulations.
  • 19 Sexual Assault Claims against Donald J. Trump.

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