You know the phrases. You know the situations. You’ve heard them a (proverbially) million times. What is it? It is “Hi Guys” or “Guys, Ready to go?” or “What do you Guys think”, etc.


Why do some always call a group of children or adults that includes females “Guys” or call adult females “Guys” or “Girls”? Here are a couple of alternatives:

“Hi everyone”

“You all ready to go?”

“What do you think?”

“Ladies and gentlemen”

“Gals and guys”

“Girls and boys” (if you feel you must call a group of adults girls or boys)


And for the singular, non-male groups, try these






Can you think of others or do you use other terminology?





Spider Woman

Artist: unknown.

This is not 1860, or is it?

R. Moore says the last time America was great was during the era of slavery. What a disgusting sentiment. That’s one of many of his disturbing beliefs, which include his God’s laws outweigh our country’s laws, Islam is a “false religion”,  homosexual conduct should be illegal,  gay people shouldn’t be allowed to have children, Barack Obama was not born in the United States, and America promotes a lot of bad things.


If those alone don’t make you cringe and run to vote for someone else for Senator, on an equally disturbing level is our “president” telling Alabama voters to elect the former judge, who was removed from the bench twice for violating laws, because he wants a Republican in that seat. TRump doesn’t care about the beliefs or actions of Moore, only what he thinks Moore will do for him and in the process working to get Moore elected has condoned Moore’s beliefs and behavior and spurred on and emboldened like minded people.


How about we try Making America Great Again by putting our country over party and not electing an alleged pedophile and slavery era mindset to the United States Senate where he would have a say in what happens to religion in our country, the environment, healthcare, global relations, and children, women, and every other American.


Many current republican-leaning groups are spouting nonsense about the Democratic candidate Doug Jones. He is a proponent of the 2nd Amendment rights, has prosecuted KKK members, says he supports women’s right to healthcare, and other issues that are good for our country. He is more middle of the road and would be a much better Senator for ALL AMERICANS than his opposition.


The seat will be up for election in 2020. If Alabama really, really wants a Republican in that seat, four years is not long to wait for a BETTER candidate than Moore ever will be and Jones will be okay in the meantime.



Guest Post: Our Beloved Goddess Isis

We must start now to reclaim the name of our Beloved Isis, Goddess of All.  Recite Her name.  Chant Her name.  Pray to Her to make Her presence known once again and reclaim Her name from terrorist thugs.   American media refuse to say ISIL or any other name for them except Isis.  Now is the time to inundate them with messages.  Isis is ours, the Goddess we love; we will no longer allow you to demean Her name.



*Egyptian Prayer to Isis*

It was the goddess who protected the god,
who searched for him without tiring,
who traveled the world lamenting,
who did not rest until she found him,
who made shade for him with her bright wings,
who breathed life back into him,
who revived his passion, who received his seed,
who bore the child, who raised the child,

*Emphasis mine*


Sex, Lies, Videos, & Audio Tapes

Donald J. Trump is an adult. He claims he needs no one to explain what he said and why he said it. WH Communication Directors, we heard and read what he wrote and heard what he said. You can’t now say it is “Fake News”.


Why Do Others Attempt To “Interpret” And Tell Us What #45 Said And Meant?

Do you think he is suffering from dementia? Is the “fake news”, “he didn’t mean that”, “I’m not a racist but I like repeating what they publish” mantras a ruse to help at trial later?


He has admitted he could assault any woman,  liked walking in on naked pageant contestants, and even more actions that would cause anyone else to be in a jail cell and courtroom.


He asked Russia to find and share HRC’s missing e-mails, sent people outside coat-less on a winter night in Vermont, claimed most Mexican immigrants are not of good character, said some white supremacists are “good people” and more despicable thoughts and actions.


How may in the inner circle and in the halls of the White House and Congress know the truth? When will they take a stand against him in a meaningful way?



Guest Post: Salem Witchcakes

Mary Woodrow Sibley taught Tituba about “witch cakes” and was removed from church membership until she confessed in 1692.


Mary and her husbad, Samuel, were neighbors of Reverend Samuel Parris. The reverend’s daughter Betty and her cousin Abigail Williams had been acting unusually. Rev. Parris and his wife tried to treat the girls’ ailments through prayer and the local physician William Griggs thought the girls may be afflicted by Witchcraft.


The Parris’ slaves Tituba and John were taught by Mary Woodrow Sibley how to make a cake (“witchcake”) from rye flour and the girls’ urine. Once baked, the cake was to be fed to a dog then then dog was to be watched to see if it acted strangely. At the time, it was believed that if one had witchcraft in the body, it would also be in their urine. If the dog which ate the witchcake acted oddly after eating the urine laced cake, it was a sign to the people of that time that the person was bewitched. This method to suss out alleged witchcraft was a well known 17th century practice in England.


Despite the well known practice and use of making and using witchcakes, Rev. Parris thought any kind of magic was evil magic and opened the village to the Devil. Mary Woodrow Sibley was removed from church membership until she confessed that she had made a mistake in advising Tituba and her husband John and the congregation approved her confession on March 11, 1692.

One cake recipe shared, one-hundred and forty people accused of witchcraft, and the villagers and townsfolks end up hanging nineteen and pressing one to death and others died in jail. It wasn’t until accusations were brought against people with more power and influence including Mass Bay Colony’s Governor’s wife that the Court of Oyer and Terminer was dissolved in 1693


What can we learn from Mary Woodrow Sibley’s witchcakes and the subsequent actions of the villagers and townfolks?

  • Those of lesser power, resources, and authority suffered the most. The victims of 1692 Salem Witch hunts and trials should have been treated as equally as all their contemporaries.
  • Most in charge at the higher level turned a blind-eye until it affected them.
  • The danger of mass hysteria.

These are happening now in terms of bigotry stirred up by leaders, raising taxes unequally, attacking the environment, economic disparity, gender inequality, etc.; society hasn’t learned the lessons of the past.




GOP Tax Bill

Passed at ~1:50 a.m. on December 2, 2017, by the Senate

What’s Included in the GOP Tax Bill May Surprise You
Buried in the 429-page bill are provisions that have little to do with simplifying taxes.

  • Makes College Education Less Affordable
  • Allows Fetuses to Be Beneficiaries for Tax-Free Investments
  • Removal of Ban on Churches, Nonprofits from Participating in Political Activism
  • Allows Drilling for Oil on Protected Lands
  • Colossal Cuts to Health and Social Insurance Programs

There’s probably more. Continue to speak up and voice your concerns to your reps. The bill still has to be reconciled with the House version before it can become LAW.

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