So, what’s trending now???

I don’t normally pay attention to professional football; I’m a basketball fan just waiting to the season to start. However, I do pay strict attention to women’s issues, and  since the NFL is in full “cover your bum” mode, it bears commenting upon.

Everyone is talking about Ray Rice.  They are talking about what the NFL knew and when it knew it (everyone else has made the Nixon/Watergate comparison, so I will just skip it).  Facebook says Ray Rice is “trending”.   Big damn deal!  I don’t anywhere see where domestic violence is “trending”.  It is trending though, women die every day at their hands of their male partners.  The NFL is just not saying the right things and Goodall’s ass should be fired the hell out of there.  This guy made $44 million last year – what do you want to bet he got a raise THIS year of, okay, I will say it “Elevator-Gate”?   Interviews given to CBS mean nothing, because CBS is in the NFL’s back pocket.  You did all know that, didn’t you?    

Let’s face it, folks, football is a violent, barbaric game played by huge men.   According to the September 11, 2014 morning edition of the Boston (MA) Globe, USA Today has compiled a database of  NFL player arrests.  85 NFL players have been arrested for domestic violence charges since 2000.  That may not sound like many, but how many of those incidents were not reported (yeah, women know all about THAT).  How many did not lead to arrests and charges?    These are questions I would love answers to and may do a little research and see what I can find.  I would also like to compare these statistics to player arrests in the other professional sports.  

I have been fortunate enough to never have been physically abused in a relationship, and I thank the Goddess for that.  But, as I said, I pay attention to women’s issues, and it is a fact that the majority of women in these relationships do not get out for many, many years, if at all; sometimes they get out of them because they have been murdered by their partners.  So the fact that Janay Rice married the guy after the incident, and recently spoke out against his suspension means nothing to women who pay attention to this stuff.  She is just one of thousands who defend their abuser.  

I am thankful, however, that there are men like James Brown, an NFL announcer, who spoke out and challenged the NFL last night on how they view domestic violence and that education needs to start now.  You can read his live statement here:    

 Before you start thinking that this violence is only directed toward wives/girlfriends, the news has just broken that the Vikings’ running back Adrian Peterson, has just been indicted on child abuse charges.  Read that here:    

woman empowered!Something has to give and it needs to stop being women.  We need to stand up, stand together, fight back.  We are not property.  You don’t own us.  You do not have the right to abuse us in any way, shape or form. We are not your damn punching bags!  We are human beings with thoughts, feelings and emotions.   Women, stand up – Men, grow up.


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  1. Right on!!!!!! Maybe the sports good ol’ boy speaking out will help, but being the optimist turned pessimist recently I am sure just like gun violence and bullying, etc this too will pass away as “trending”…..unfortunately I feel it will fall to women….we have to join together and stop this craziness, this patriarchal brainwashing! But then again there are too many women, who are like the female fan at the Ravens game said Thursday night when interviewed about Ray Rice who said: “Hey, she spit on him first so she deserved what she got. You can’t attack and then whine when you get the shit beat out of you!” WTF… lies a big part of the problem! And this gal had Ray’s number proudly on her shirt for the game! I stand with you and all the other Sisters as we do all we can to take down this abusive culture! thank you for speaking out Truth!

    1. Thanks, Sunshine. There was also some woman, I cannot remember her name at the moment, who was a guest on Fox News (yes, I know) who basically said that Rice was the victim, not his wife. I will try and find it and let you know.

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