Sexist? No. Feminist.

I am a sexist.  Actually, I’m really not a sexist but have recently been accused of being one (and not for the first time) by someone who should know me better.

I am a realist.  I see the plight of women all over the world and here in the supposedly free and progressive United States.  What I see makes me cringe and it makes me cry; it makes me feel broken — physically and in my heart — to see what it means to be a woman in today’s world.

I have friends, mostly online, who see what I see.  I’m grateful for these women because they make me feel less alone.  In my real life, I have no friends who see how the world treats women.  They are too busy to see.  They are too blind to see.  They are too man-identified to see.  They don’t WANT to see.  It upsets their world.  It upsets my world too, but I see and I cringe and I cry.  Yet, I am  proud to be a woman.  I am honored to be a woman.  I am grateful to be a woman.  Yes, even in this world that treats women like so much collateral damage.

For thousands of years, the conquering men of the species have run the world.  They have written the history, both religious and secular.  The Bible was written over a period of hundreds (!) of years.  Each man (no woman had a hand in the writing of this book!) wrote what he felt should be and revised what was written before.   Secular history was also written by men, usually the winning men, the stronger men because, you know, might makes right.  The history of this world is filled with war and conquests, started by men, fought by  men, finished by men.

It’s not a fairy tale, though, to say that once upon a time, there was a world in which men did not reign, did not control, did not make women and their families submit, did not think the animals and Mother Earth was here for the to rule.  There were civilizations that were run with an equal partnership between men and women; where women were revered for their closeness to the Goddess Who Was All; honored for the of bringing new life into the world, both children and the crops that were grown for the community’s sustenance.  Lineage was through the mother, who represented the Goddess.  They made decisions, invented what the community needed, did what needed to be done, but never with a power-over mentality, but always a power-with point of view.  Everyone worked together in peace and, mostly harmony.   This changed when other cultures and civilizations, those of power and brutality, of men and conquest, conquered these peaceful territories, bringing with them their harsh gods who, eventually, overcame the Goddess, the old pagan religions and completely re-wrote history.

Women became less than they were.  They, through the writings and re-writings of these religions, ancient Judaism and then the newer religion of Christianity, became obedient, submissive, subservient because this is what the male God wanted; this was the way it was supposed to be.  It wasn’t, but it was made to be so through all of those re-writings of history.  The Goddess became the evil serpent that forever changed the world.  Women healers and mid-wives became witches, consorts of the devil.  God was male; male was divine.  Women were not divine, not any longer.  We were what the newly made patriarchy made us to be.

Eventually came those who fought back, women who fought for the vote, the first wave of feminism, then the second wave in the 60’s — Gloria Steinem, Z Budapest and more.  Roe vs Wade was fought for and won, but now the old patriarchy is trying to take back what we have gained.  Take a look at this if you are unsure of what I am saying here.

The country and the world is run by men, by the patriarchy; it is in their best interests to have this dominator system remain in place.  However, it is my belief that if it does stay in place, the world and all who are in it, are doomed.  This is not the way to peace and harmony in the world.  Women need to become a bigger part of the solution to the world’s problems.  War and conquest are not the way.  Caring, nurturing – these are the way, in my own opinion.  The patriarchy needs to be demolished; a new age must be forthcoming.

So, do I tend to only teach women what I teach, be in women only groups on Facebook and on the internet, read about the Great Goddess, whom I honor, read of the old matrilineal cultures and civilizations?  Guilty to all of this and probably more in the eyes of some.  Does this make me a sexist as I have been accused of being?

No, I am not a sexist.  I am a realist; and yes, I am a feminist.

Blessings to all!

Recommended Reading:  The Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler; When God Was a Woman by Merlin Stone; When the Drummers were Women by Layne Redmond



4 thoughts on “Sexist? No. Feminist.

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  1. Awesome post. Its true that even though I see many feminists online, in the real world its hard to find anyone thinking along these same lines. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you for ur words! Today I was questioning what books to read. Then I stumbled upon ur post here. I will see if I can read ur suggestions ShaktiWarrior! I agree w all u have said. Totally. Keep spreading the word and more will listen and they too wipp tell others.

    1. Thank you, Linda. I will do my best to keep speaking from my heart. I hope you are able to find those books and read them. Email me anytime for other suggestions. I would definitely try “The Goddess Spirituality Book” by Diane Stein, although it goes by “A Guide to Goddess Craft” now. Try her website at

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