The holidays have passed and a new year has begun.

I have been reading statistics on the restrictions that have been passed on abortion in the US, and the most hostile states toward women’s bodily autonomy.

 It is not only this, it is the rise in domestic violence against women, the sexual harassment when a woman does nothing but walk down the street, as this viral video shows:  .   We still do not make the same money as a man.  We STILL do not have the Equal Rights Amendment – what’s it been –  40 years?   

I have heard and read in several places that the patriarchy is dying.  I am always hopeful, but if it’s dying, it is taking its’ damn, sweet time about it.   One of the things that will help move along the demise of this awful, disgusting patriarchal culture we live in, is bringing back the Goddess.  We need to bring Goddess Spirituality BACK, where it was so long ago, to the forefront of people’s lives; men included.  Goddess Spirituality is about so much more than just worshipping a Goddess; it is caring for all of humankind living in equality and peace,  it is taking care of the non-human animals on our planet and not killing them for the pleasure of eating them, it is taking care of the environment and this planet that we live upon, which is also dying a very slow death (drilling, global warming to name just two).  Patriarchy does not care about any of these things — the Goddess does.  I have wondered — how do we get the Goddess out there?  Those of us who practice this path are normally just thought of as idiosyncratic, or just plain nuts.   

Ah, but something new has arrived and it will (hopefully) help with the younger generations.  Thanks to my daughter for lending me her two new Thor comic books.   I have only read the first one thus far, but it’s awesome.  

Apparently Odin has been away from Asgard for some time and Thor (the one we all know) has dropped Mjolnir (his hammer) to the surface of the moon and no longer feels worthy to carry it.  Thor is depressed and sits before his hammer for weeks, ignoring all who are around him, including Freya.  Odin returns from wherever he has been (do we care, really, because while he hs been gone, Freya has been ruling in his place) and demands that Thor speak to him as he is the All-Father and he will NOT be ignored.  Thor does, indeed, ignore him and leaves.  Discussion ensues about why the hammer will no longer be moved by Thor, as it alone has the power to determine who is worthy of carrying it.  Odin and Freya argue as to who will give the orders, now that Odin as returned.  Odin answers a question addressed to the liege lord and they both answer.  Odin says that he has no returned and there is NO MORE NEED FOR AN  ALL-MOTHER.  Freya retorts that maybe, now that Odin has returned, there is more need now than ever (good answer, Freya)  Odin yells at her that the FLEETING age of the All-Mother has passed and Asgard will once again be ruled by an All-Father, Odin, alone ABOVE ALL.    (Does this sound familiar to anyone?)  So the bad guys are rising, as they always do. What is to be done?

Mjolnir has an inscription, which reads:   “Whosoever holds this hammer, if He be worthy, shall possess the power of THOR”.   I was surprised, actually.  I knew that Thor’s power came from his hammer, but apparently the name goes with it.  

Quiet and alone, Freya speak to herself, “There must always be a Thor”, and looking at the hammer, we see the “HE” being worthy, is now “SHE” being worthy.  Freya reaches down, and lifts the hammer and becomes THOR, who is now the mighty Freya.   

I cannot tell you the elation that I felt upon reading this.  The All-Mother, Freya, in Asgard is now Thor, a woman.  I was ecstatic.  I’m thinking, this is great, this is just one of the things we need, reach out to a younger audience, teach them about the All-Mother, the Goddess, introduce them to Her in a way they understand.   Of course, I’m sure the new  female Thor will have no effect whatsoever on the movies that continue to come out, as they make way too much money (greed is one of the many things patriarchal culture is built upon).  

I recommend you all go to your local Newbury comics and buy the new Thor comics.  We need to make sure this continues.  It is a step in our fight.   I am looking forward to reading the second one, also borrowed from my daughter.

We are and WILL bring back the All-Mother.  We will teach the younger girls and women and continue the fight.  I also recommend for younger girls, and women of all ages.

Blessed Be!!





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