My Daughter and Me = Maiden, Mother, Crone


I consider myself to be an extremely fortunate woman.    While I never lose sight of the fact that I am her mother, my daughter is my best friend.   We have myriad things in common from our favorite shows, to being vegetarian, feminists, etc.  The time that we spend together is always fun-filled.  We share confidences, we go shopping, have lunch.  All those wonderful things that friends do, we do together; and yet, we are still mother and daughter.

When we are out the other day, it occurred to me that, while we are only two, we represent the three aspects of the Goddess – Maiden, Mother, Crone.

Even though she is not, technically, a Maiden, I still consider her to be so. She has this wonderful innocence about her in how she views the world.  That, and the joy in which she sees everything was not killed in her by society as it is for so many of our young women.   Yet, she is also in her Mother aspect.  While she will never birth a child from her own body, she is deep within her creativity; she is a musician, she draws, she is an amazing cook, she is a music teacher and helps each of her “kids” learn and create their own vision of the music.  This is what she births on a daily basis.

I am still in my Mother aspect, as I still mother both of my children and try to help them maneuver this world in which we live.    However, though there are those that are now embracing the aspect of Queen, I am definitely a Crone; not only because I no longer have my moontime (it’s been years) but because emotionally, that is where I am, it is what I feel, it is what I am.   I don’t need to be a Queen; I am regal within my Crone-being.  Everything I have done and will continue to do is part of my journey to get where I am now – I am still accumulating knowledge and, hopefully, wisdom.


So, even though my beautiful daughter and I are only two, we represent the three aspect of the Goddess; we are both on the cusp of change – her from Maiden to Mother and I, from Mother to  Crone, while still retaining the wisdom of both.

I look forward to continuing my journey and I watch with excitement as she continues hers.


Shakti Warrior

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