Our Beloved Goddess Isis

We must start now to reclaim the name of our Beloved Isis, Goddess of All.  Recite Her name.  Chant Her name.  Pray to Her to make Her presence known once again and reclaim Her name from terrorist thugs.   American media refuse to say ISIL or any other name for them except Isis.  Now is the time to inundate them with messages.  Isis is ours, the Goddess we love; we will no longer allow you to demean Her name.



*Egyptian Prayer to Isis*

It was the goddess who protected the god,
who searched for him without tiring,
who traveled the world lamenting,
who did not rest until she found him,
who made shade for him with her bright wings,
who breathed life back into him,
who revived his passion, who received his seed,
who bore the child, who raised the child,

*Emphasis mine*


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