Goddess Isis Ritual


Last month, January, 2016, I was angered and saddened over the use of Isis’ name by  the terrorist group Daesh, I wrote about the Egyptian Goddess Isis, which you can read here.  I was reminded of all that I knew of Her, and again, heartbroken that this group, and the media which report of them, continue to call them by Her name, and not ISIL, the Islamic State, or by the term, Daesh, which they hate.   

As someone who follows a Dianic/Goddess-based spirituality, I decided to put my sadness and outrage to use and write the following Goddess Isis  Ritual.  If you lean in that spiritual direction, or even if you just want to fight against terrorism, I invite you to do this ritual.  I did it for several nights and found a temporary peace in doing so.  

You will need:

— Representation of Isis (statue, photo)
— One large white candle to reclaim Her name
— One large black candle to diminish the terrorists who have stolen Her name

— One green candle, which is sacred to Isis

— Incense – Choose one: Egyptian Musk, Cinnamon/Frankincense. If unable to find
any of these, use Sage for cleansing.

— Rose Geranium oil (Rose is sacred to Isis); if unable to find, olive oil will be fine.

— Dress in white, with the colors of teal, blue, red, black and gold as borders or accessories

— Bell (optional)


Before doing this ritual, take a bath in sea salt to cleanse and purify.

Anoint yourself with the oil and dress yourself in your ritual clothing.

Cast your circle per your own tradition.

Ring the bell to open your ritual.

Stand (or sit, depending) before your Isis altar and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply through the nose and exhale. Bring all of your visual focus to Isis. Deeply inhale the Presence of Isis. Exhale. Deeply inhale the Breath of Isis. Exhale. Ask Isis for Her Blessing and open yourself to Her, continuing to breath in Her presence.

Light the Green candle and say:

All Hail Isis
Maiden, Mother, Crone
You, who were there in the Beginning
and from Whom all things come
I call upon you
Bless my sacred space with your presence

All Hail Isis
Goddess of Ten Thousand Names
You who are all things,
The Air we Breathe, The Water that is our Blood,
The sacred Earth beneath our feet, the fire that is our Spirit
I call upon You
Bless my sacred space with Your presence

All Hail Isis
Giver of Life and ReBirth
You whose Magick Made the World
I call upon You
Bless my sacred space with Your presence

Stop here and once again do the beginning breath sequence.

All Hail Isis
I come before you today
to beseech you to reclaim Your Name;
Reclaim and be made stronger once again.
As this candle burns,
As the flame flickers and becomes strong and steady,
so, too, will your presence once again become a beacon
in the world
Isis, Weave Your Magick
So Mote It Be!

(Light the White Candle)

All Hail Isis
Reclaim Your name
Which has been stolen from You
to be used for the evil that men do.
As this candle burns,
As the flame flickers, the evil that has co-opted Your name
will diminish and disappear as the candle disappears
with each lighting.
Isis, Weave Your Magick
So Mote It Be!

(Light the Black Candle)

Sit quietly before the altar, bringing your attention to the candles and to your intention. Do this for as long as it comfortable for you. When done, breathe deeply and open your eyes, and say:

All Hail Isis
Goddess of Ten Thousand Names
You, who were there in the Beginning
and from Whom all things come
I thank and honor You for Your Presence
within my sacred space
Be in Peace, Be in Peace

Close the Circle as per your own tradition.

The Circle is open, but unbroken
in Perfect Love, in Perfect Trust

Continue to burn the candles for nine (9) consecutive nights with the invocations.

(Photo: My Isis Altar)

@ShaktiWarriorSpirit 2016


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  1. Reblogged this on FeistyAmazon and commented:
    Yes..this IS an important ritual to do. Isis bookstore, a Goddess,Pagan Alternative spirituality bookstore in Denver has been attacked, signs and windows broken from people’s ignorance who cannot distinguish The Goddess from these terrorists.

    Its is important Her Name is reclaimed and we call upon Her to end this horror against women and girls especially and all humankind.

    1. I did see the article about that store in Denver, which I found surprising as Denver has a large pagan community. But there is no understanding the hatred and ignorance of people. I had made this a FB event and some said they would do it, but I wanted to get it to a larger audience, so thank you so much for re-blogging. Hope you are doing well!! )O(

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