Goddess Feminist Witch – To Hex or Not to Hex


To Hex or Not to Hex

A young white college-aged man, an accomplished athlete, drags an unconscious woman out of sight, takes pictures of her naked body and rapes her. He is sentenced to a mere six months in prison. His father asks leniency as his son has suffered enough for *20 minutes of action*. His mother asks for leniency, never once mentioning the woman whose life he has ruined.


A man, who may or may not have been radicalized, goes to a gay bar in Florida and kills 49 innocent people, while injuring 53 more, some of who are in grave condition. Politicians, and media everywhere try to analyze him, his life, things that, in the long run, mean absolutely nothing because knowing *why* does not change anything for the victims, their families and their friends.

In the US, we have a thin-skinned, bullying, racist, misogynistic, separatist braggart as one of the presumptive presidential candidates.

All of these things are brought to you by the letter “P”, as in patriarchy. It is a common misconception that only women benefit from feminism. Feminism, if you do your research (I’m not doing it for you; I’ve already done mine), benefits women, children, people of color, the LGBT community, animals, the environment and, yes, men. Men, if they opened their eyes enough to get past their privilege would see that they suffer under patriarchy just as the rest of the world does.
While the above is all true and much could be written about any of it, it is not the crux of this article.

You may have heard that some Witches and Pagans banded together to *hex* the Stanford rapist. There is also an upcoming “Worldwide Misogyny Protest” scheduled for the Full Moon on the Summer Solstice. I can not and do not speak for all witches and/or pagans; as always, I only speak for myself and speak my own truth.

There are those that feel that both of these magickal workings are necessary. Then there are those who feel that workings such as this give spiritual, magickal feminism a bad name. I have read, from more than one woman, that anyone who has done their inner spiritual work would never take part in something like this; that it is wrong and a step in the wrong direction.

I disagree.

Back in the 1960’s, there was a phrase, *the personal is political”. It is a topic for debate as to who said it first, but that credit seems to belong to Carol Hanisch, who wrote a paper in 1969. There is much debate as to what exactly this phrase meant then and what it means now. For me, as Goddess-based Feminist, it means the same as “as above, so below”. What happens in the greater world, in politics and culture, affect each of us who live upon this Mother Earth. The politics of the nation (or the world) as a whole, affect me personally as a woman. I believe that I have an obligation to fight for what I believe in.

Also, back in the 1960’s, the founder of Dianic Wicca, Z Budapest, said “if you cannot hex, you cannot heal”. As a young Witch and Feminist, I did not believe this was so, as I tried to live by “harm none and do as you will”. I am not so young anymore, I’ve seen much, and I now believe that Z was right. Sometimes hexing is necessary.

Women, along with other oppressed groups have the right to feel a righteous anger at having their agency taken away. A woman being spiritual or Goddess-honoring does not always equal nice or passive.
If the Goddess woman/witch has done her inner work, she knows that it is never done; it is an ongoing process, a lifelong journey. She also knows about the duality of the Goddess – yes, she is innocent Maiden, nurturing Mother, wise Crone. She is a sweet breeze; she is the gentle rain. She is also the hurricane, the natural disaster. She is love; She is anger. She is forgiveness; She is unforgiving. She is mercy and compassion as Kwan Yin, but She is also vengeance and retribution as Kali/Durga.

All magic has consequences. I do not believe there is black magic or white magic; I believe it is the intent of the wielder. The duality of the Goddess is the duality of magic, as well.

So, yes, a Goddess Feminist Witch who has done her inner work CAN, and DOES does hex, and with magic and the intent of her will, maybe not only she can heal, but the world can heal, as well.

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