Random Thoughts on a mid-September Day

I tend to ignore my blog more often than not.  I have other articles I am working on, on any given day, and even though I tell myself every day I am going to pop on over here, I usually don’t.  Today, I actually made it.

It’s September 13th.  The country made it through the 9/11 anniversary.  I chose to not watch, nor read, anything regarding the anniversary and spent the day at the local Pagan Pride Day.  Why?  Mostly because I do not have to have a specific day to remember.  While I did not lose anyone that day, as so many did, my family came close.  My husband got on a plane that morning at 8:57, at Logan Airport in Boston (MA, USA) heading west.  It took my children and I six hours before we knew that he was not one of the dead.  We were fortunate; so many others were not.  I live in a smallish community and we lost one of our own.  My family was lucky; his was not.  So, I really don’t need a special day to remember something that stays with you like that.  In looking back and remembering all that sorrow, what sticks out is the unity that this country found in the wake of the attack(s).  That brings even more sadness in light of what this country has become; a place of bigotry and hatred, a place where people find more to pull them apart than to bring them together, a place that has allowed someone to run for president who appeals to the lowest in everyone, and apparently there are those who wish to follow and support him.  One of the lowest points in this country’s history became a unifying one that has  brought us full circle to another low point, on of our own making this time.

So, everyone is on Hillary Clinton because, first of all, she’s human and came down with pneumonia.  I have had it and I give her lots of credit for keeping the schedule that she did, while ill.  But the media has to make more out of it than it really is.   The plain fact of the matter is she did what women do every single day of their lives, more than they need to, because they have to, for just that reason.  There is always someone there to say they cannot do a job for *this* reason, when what they are really saying is she can’t do the job because she’s a woman.  It’s time for nonsense like this to finally stop.

She also stuck her foot into it when describing Trump’s supporters as “deplorables”.  Granted this was an awful thing to say, and that is not a word I would have used; however, there are many people in this country who are amazed, appalled and disgusted that he has gotten the support that he has. I do not see how anyone in their right mind can follow that man, for reasons that have been renumerated in more widely read spaces than this.  I shall figuratively be holding my breath until the election is over.

I wrote this post a few months back on the election; I still firmly believe this; if anything, I believe it more strongly now than I did then.  Bernie, sadly, is out of the picture, but the rest of it still holds true.  What will happen, not only to women, but to this country, if the GOP wins the ticket is too horrifying to even contemplate.  This country would never recover; it is going to be hard enough to recover from the damage done to this country from Trump and his ilk, even if they lose.

Ryan Lochte….wow!  Talented swimmer, stupid man.  What he did in Brazil was terribly wrong and a stain on the country.  However, he is being punished by the US Olympics, as well as by several sponsors.  He has apologized several times.  This brings us to his first appearance on Dancing With The Stars last evening.  Yes, I am one of those who watch the show.  As disappointed as I was in his antics during the Olympics, I was even more disappointed that there were those out there who felt that they could disrupt a popular, national television show to….what?  attack him physically?  verbally?  What exactly were their intentions?  Whatever their intentions, they backfired and now I believe there are more folks thinking that Lochte deserves his second chance.  I happen to agree with that.  I wish him luck in the competition and beyond.

On a last note, women everywhere can give thanks that the pay gap has gotten closer.  May we all rejoice!  



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