No, It is Not Normal; and Yes, It is Personal

I am still dealing with the reality of the US election results.  The emotions seem to come in awful, gut-clenching waves.

I watched the most recent episode of John Oliver in HBO, and what needs to be reinforced by everyone is to repeat, “this is NOT normal; do NOT normalize this man”.   This cannot be repeated enough.

I stopped counting how many times I have been told that everyone who voted for DT is not a bigot and a racist, that they do not hate women, or those in the LGBTQ community.  They just voted for change because things cannot continue in our government as they have been.

I agree with that statement.  Changes must be made, but those changes should not be made at the expense of the rights of others.  The fact that you voted for him means that either change was more important to you than the rights of women, people of color, the LGBTQ community, immigrants; or, it means that your hatred for HRC was more important.  Neither of those reasons cut is for me.  For me, this is personal, very personal.

I’m a woman, so that is strike #1 against me.  That Planned Parenthood will be defunded is most likely a done deal.  Women who are urban, poor, of color, who visit Planned Parenthood for their healthcare will be out of luck, but hey, if some get sicker, or even die, it won’t matter because they are women and they are inferior to men.  There will be a fight to overturn Roe v. Wade.  How many remember the distant past before Roe v. Wade when women who needed to terminate a pregnancy went to some back alley quack, took meds, or Goddess forbid, a coat hanger to do so?  Will this matter to the new administration?  Again women are inferior to men and if some die, it doesn’t matter much.  The value of women to this administration has been made quite clear by the president-elect and the person he chose for VP.  One is a pig and a misogynist; the other a Christian who makes all of his decisions based on a book written long ago and far away by men.  He will do what he can to set back women’s rights decades.   So, as a woman, yes, this is personal.

I have had people from the LGBTQ community around me my entire life.  Some are friends, some family, some adopted family.  When you starting talking about repealing same-sex marriage, or stopping trans-gender rights in their tracks, you are talking about people that I love.  That the leadership of a country would ruin the lives of so many, destroying their families, is a disgrace.  So,  as someone who loves those in this community, yes, this is personal.

My heart goes out to people of color in this country.  This past year has shown us the complete disregard and disrespect shown to them by, apparently, the majority of this country.  The incidents of racism increased this year, and has spiked even more since the election.  I’m white but I have been in a situation where the bigotry toward blacks spilled over to me.  I dated a black man off and on for half dozen years back in the day.  I remember how I felt being called “nigger lover” and other shameful terms.  That these were said by people who were supposed to be my friends only made it that much worse.  I survived where so many people of color do not survive.  What we thought was mostly over, has just been hiding and now, with tacit approval from the new leadership of this country, it is out and more blatant than it has been in a very long time.   So, while I may be white, yes, this is also personal.

What will be done to Medicare and Medicaid?   My mother is elderly and is a beneficiary of both Medicare and Medicaid.  She receives services that I can not provide for her from several states away.  What do I do if her benefits are cut?  What does she do?  I, myself, am on Social Security Disability. This makes it very personal for me on two levels.

I have just heard that a Trump advisor made mention of the Japanese internment camps as a model for what may be done for a “Muslim” registry, which will also include most immigrants.  I find it abhorrent that this is even being considered.  This brings us to the deportation of millions of immigrants, once again destroying families, sending people back to the countries they left in fear.  Has none of these so-called leaders seen the Statue of Liberty lately?  “Give me your poor, your tired, your huddles masses, yearning to breathe free”.  These words have always meant something important to this country.  We are, or have been in the past, the beacon of freedom in this world.  Everyone in this country comes from somewhere else, or their families did.  If you are not Native American, then you are an immigrant, or your distant family were immigrants.  This should be personal to everyone who gives a damn about others.  Do you give a damn?

I’m sure I am missing something, but no matter what I am missing, it is nothing compared to what this new leadership team is missing – respect, compassion, sympathy, empathy (a brain??)  This is a country built on freedom, morals, integrity and dignity.  This is a country that has a separation of church and state for a reason.

So, if you voted for DT for change or hatred of his opponent, then you were somehow able to overlook hatred, bigotry, violence, sexism, racism, genderism, misogyny; you were able to overlook that he was endorsed by David Duke and the KKK ; you were able to overlook basic human rights, respect and dignity.   I don’t think that is something I can overlook in you, that you are that type of person and my sincere hope is that you are not in my life somewhere, hiding behind a facade of political correctness.  If you are, come out of hiding, so that I can tell you directly that I do not wish you in my life.

This is personal for me, for so many others with hearts.  This is not normal, he is not normal.  Don’t start living your life as if nothing has happened.  Don’t get over it.  Don’t accept it.  Please do not normalize him and what he and his cronies will do to this country.  It’s been done before (see Nazi Germany) and it did not end well.

No, this is not normal, and yes, this is personal




More Post-Election Thoughts

It’s no secret that the last six days have been hell for some, and paradise for others.  I fall into the “hell” category.  I have run the gamut of emotions for sobbing uncontrollably, to denial, confusion, anger, wanting to fight until my dying breath.  I can’t say it has gotten any better, yet, and may not for a very long time.

I’m not going to repeat what we have all seen around the ‘Net and Facebook.  Minorities are scared.  Members of the LGBTQ community are scared.  Those who are mentally and physically disabled are scared.  Women are terrified.  I can’t see these feelings going away anytime soon; in fact, as we move forward into an abyss, these feelings may intensify.

I have heard/read/seen repeatedly that those who voted for the President-elect are not all racist, misogynistic, bigot people.  I do believe this.  There are people whom I know personally who voted for him, and to my knowledge, none of them fall into this category.  However, the incidents of racism and hate have been trickling in from all over the country and, from what I can see, they are increasing.  I am of the mind that they will continue to increase.  So while not all of them are of DT’s mindset, enough of them are to make this country increasingly uncomfortable.  This is one of the truths that has been unveiled.

The news that has been reported is also not comforting.  An anti-semite has been appointed Chief of Staff.  Pence, the VP-elect, heads the transition team.  Make not mistake, he is as bad, if not worse than Trump.  His religion dictates his every move and that always spells disaster.  For people who complain about the Middle East and Sharia law, Pence’s mindset is not that far from it.  I am amazed by these politicians who throw the Constitution around but have no idea what it says, or means.  The separation of church and state was set up for a reason; Pence is that reason.

The campaign broke up many relationships, friends and relatives.  Some of the words flying back and forth on Facebook was truly heart-breaking.  But as we know, words, like toothpaste, can’t be put back in the tube.

If you thought these hate-filled comments would go away with the results of the election, you were wrong.  I try very hard to not get into these discussions/threads because it doesn’t solve anything.  It makes it worse and people dig in their heels.  Those of us who are empaths have it that much harder because we feel *everything* so damn much.

There is so much of this “get over it”  and “give him a chance” (ironic, that) talk.  I decided to comment that, in my opinion, white people can never *fully* understand the feelings of an African-American or a Latino/Latina; that straight folks can never *fully* understand the feelings of one in the LGBTQ community; we, who were born in this country can never *fully* understand the fears of those who were not, knowing that they can be kicked out of this country, their families destroyed;, nor unless we are mentally or physically disabled can we truly understand what they go through on a daily basis.

The only response I got (to my knowledge) was extremely sarcastic, snarky and nasty, stating that, of course, no one has women in the family, no one has any friends who are gay or black.  No, they absolutely couldn’t because he was nothing but a stupid white man who knew nothing.  Whoa!  There is one angry white man with many a chip on his shoulder; I’m guessing he voted fro Trump.  I wish him a good day and exited the conversation.  More stress I do not need.

Then yesterday, a woman that I am friends with on Facebook only, commented that it was going to be hard being the only american who will never accept the “racist, rapist elect”.  I will mention that this woman is African-American.  That point should not matter, but, let’s be real here, it does matter to some, to more than we previously thought.  She was attacked by those saying that she was NOT the only one and who did she think she was?  I think she is someone with two strikes against her — she is a woman and she is black.  She is also terrified and angry; she has every right to be.  All I commented to her was that I agreed with her 100%.  I really did not understand why there were those commenting as they did.  I’m sure she knew then and knows now that she is not alone, but these are her feelings and she is absolutely entitled to them.  She wasn’t speaking for you, or me, or anyone else, but only herself.  We all have that right; or we do for now.

You  may not always like the truth or want to hear it, but sometimes you have to look into that mirror and face it.

So, six days out – we all need to be strong, stand together, FIGHT.  Those of us of a more progressive, liberal bent now know what is ahead of us.  When it gets bad, when you want to cry more, or hide under the covers, reach out to someone who feels the same as you.  Let them support you emotionally, and, in turn, you will support them.

I wish us all the strength and courage we will all need to weather what comes next.  May the Goddess bless us all.



What Happens Now?

Like so many other women around this country and the world, I, too, was/am aghast at the results of the US presidential election.  Like so many, I sobbed when I read the news upon awakening on November 9, 2016 – a day that should stand in infamy, like December 7th and September 11th.  This is not hyperbole, this is truth.

I am fortunate in that I have a large tribe of Goddess-Sisters and Goddess-Women to whom I could discuss this with.  My feelings were understood and I understood theirs.  I had a message waiting for me when I awoke from my beautiful Sister, TA, and I was touched and honored by her reaching out to me in the wee hours.

I stand in fear of the future.  While we never know what the future will actually bring, in this case, we have his words to tell us what the US future may bring.

I fear for those whom I love in the LGBTQ community, whose marriages and families could be ripped apart, once again completely discriminated against.  I fear for immigrants who are fleeing the evil in their own countries to be denied entrance into our country because of the evil being done here. I fear for those illegal immigrants already here who face being tossed out unceremoniously.  I fear for those who depend on the Affordable Care Act for their medical insurance because they are elderly,  unemployed, poor or have an existing medical condition that prohibits them from getting insurance any other way.  I fear for those who have mental health issues as they will get no sympathy or empathy from this new administration.  I fear for minorities, whether they be African-American, Latina/Latino, Native American and so on.  I fear “stop and frisk”.  I fear more young men of color being shot down by the authorities we are supposed to trust. I fear for Mother Earth as climate change will surely ravage Her more than it already has.   I fear for the world as there is now a madman at the helm of the “button”, a man who loves belittling others and cannot turn a deaf ear to those who dislike him, a man who is a bully.

I fear for women.  We have fought so long and so hard for equal rights.  The ERA seems more like a dream than ever.  We have fought sexual harassment and molestation; we have fought rape and rape culture – we are still fighting these battles.  Now, this country will be led by a so-called man who disrespects women and is proud of it, who brags of what he does and how he gets away with it, who thinks nothing of walking in on naked women in a dressing room and belittling women he feels are unworthy due to their looks.

I fear for our children.  The young girls, who already suffer under patriarchy and are continuously barraged with images that look down on them as inferior, and they continue to suffer as they mature, knowing that they will never be equal.  The young boys, who already are learning rape culture and disrespect toward women will now have an excuse for why they can continue to behave this way.  How can we teach them that bullying is wrong when the country is run by the biggest bully?

I fear that we live in a country so filled with hate, anger, bigotry and violence. That people want change is not bad; that people would vote for a man such as this one continues to boggle my mind.  Women, white women, voted for this unqualified misogynist over a very well-qualified woman.  The fissues of trust in reference to her, were completely overshadowed by *everything* about his man.  In  my last blog I referred to these women as traitors, betraying their gender.  I stand by that statement.

We are, today, still aghast and in fear.  We wonder what happens now?  I believe what happens is that we dry the tears of yesterday.  We rise up, together, and we fight for decency.  We fight for our children, our country and our world.  And, yes, we fight for ourselves.  Search out those who feel as you do, band together.  Women, get together wherever you are – Sisterhood is powerful – don’t forget that.

I am all that conservative America hates – a woman and a feminist who practices a Goddess-based religion and identifies as a Witch.  I have everything to fear, but in the past 24 hours, I have promised myself that, while I may be afraid, I will never give in, and I will never surrender.  Love, goodness, and decency must win; because if it does not, we are doomed.



Vote and Fight, or What the Hell are They Thinking?!

In the time that I have had this blog, I have written about the Goddess, feminism – ‘cuz, yeah, feminist here – a couple of personal things.  I try to be open about how I feel, but not so open that those that disagree would go on the attack.  As we know, too many women bloggers/writers/gamers/what-have-you are attacked through social media and other on-line outlets.  They are hacked, have the addresses published, are threatened with rape, murder, you name it, it has happened to them.  I just didn’t want to deal with that; additional stress is NOT what I want in my life.

I think I’m going to break that personal rule because too much is at stake for anyone to keep their mouth shut.  Here, in the US, we are getting closer to the ever-more-frighteing Election Day, or “The Mess from Hell”.

I will say that while I am not 100% for Hillary Clinton, I have absolutely no idea why she is hated so much; unless, of course, it is because she is a woman and the GOP finds that infuriating.  While there is this whole email thing, the FBI originally said there was no “there” there.  Until now, when the Director, a registered Republican, decides to make much ado about, well, nothing.  Again, nothing there.  Meanwhile, the FBI has not gotten involved, nor notified Congress, about investigations into Trump (ugh) and his connections with Russia.

We also have the media – lovely, aren’t they? – all over her, and the damn emails to the point where you just want to either hide your head under the covers, or stick it in the toilet and vomit up everything you’ve eaten for the past year.   BUT – where are they on DT’s dealing with Putin/Russia.  What about his flat out refusing to make his tax returns public?  THAT is a man hiding way too many things.  Then we have, I think, 75 individual lawsuits currently in existence against him, one of them for RAPING A 13 YEAR OLD CHILD.  Not a surprise when we know that he is a sexual molester/predator/criminal.   That went by the boards rather quickly, didn’t it?  Misogyny and the things that women put up with on a damn daily basis became THE topic; maybe NOW things will change.  Hahaha   Sorry, my Sisters, is not going to happen; one week later and poof!  Status quo, and don’t doubt it can get worse.   If he is president, what do you think will happen.  It’s no secret that incidents of racism increased after the election of our first Black president — what do you think will happen if we elect our first WOMAN president?   Think things cannot get worse; if so, think again, and remind yourself of how DT speak of women – as body parts, as animals, as something to be groped, owned and tossed away.  He evens speaks sexually disparaging about his own daughter!  What a man!  What a role model!  Really, true men do not speak like this.

But, wait – there’s more!   Who can forget him mocking a person with disabilities, fomenting fear, anger and hatred against immigrants fleeing for their lives and the lives of their children?   He shows no understanding and no compassion to other human beings in an untenable situation.  He targets a fear of terrorists/terrorism to push an inhumane position and using methods of torture to get what he wants, i.e. information.  The whole Mexican border wall thing?  Some things are just too ridiculous to believe he even thinks he can get away with saying these things.  As for him sticking up for the poor and the working class – that gullible I am not, and neither should you be.  What the hell does he know about being poor, even when declaring bankruptcy a bunch of times.  He just knows how to work the system.

Let’s take this  “Make American Great Again” tagline.  This has been around for many years – it’s a nice way of saying “Make America White Again”.  Don’t listen to me, read this, yes, please read it now.    I am sure that there are many who are not aware of this.  I wasn’t and I’m thankful to Rachel Maddow for doing most of an entire show on what is an eye-opening history.  He reaches out to the bigots, the racists and they respond. He has given these folks, who have mostly remained hidden due to political correctness , to come out of the woodwork because, hey, yay, it’s now american to be hate-filled and violent. This would go for the entire GOP; they made him, they raised and nurtured him and if it wasn’t him, it would be someone like him.    The GOP speechify about family values, God/Jesus and the American Way.  Make no mistake, what they mean is their way.   So, some evangelicals think you should vote for DT; it doesn’t matter anything else he says or does, he is going to do away with Planned Parenthood and abortion.  Somehow, everything else becomes irrelevant.  I’m not Christian but I think Jesus is going insane if he is listening to what they are spouting.

I do not understand those who support and defend him, but you know what I REALLY don’t understand?  Women.  Women who support Donald Trump and the GOP.  Really?  This is what you are embracing?   A party that wants to take away your body sovereignty, decent health care for women, don’t want to pay you what men are paid because, honestly, you are just a woman and you don’t deserve it.  Men are superior and should get paid more.  They are continually trying to pass laws against women and their bodies.  Newt Gingrich (another ugh) can say to Meghan Kelly that all she is interested in is sex, but I think he doth protests too much.  There are women who support DT, a man who thinks absolutely nothing good about women.  He’s a pig, a misogynist and, as previously stated, a sexual criminal.

In my view, these women are traitors to their gender, to the women who have fought so long and so damn hard for equal rights for women, to the women who are STILL fighting.  Some women will never give up this fight; they might take a break occasionally for sanity’s sake, but they will come back harder and stronger.  Is it that these women are so brainwashed with the crap that is shoved down our throats our entire lives that they cannot conceive of anything different?  I have heard the terms “male-identified” and “internalized misogyny” to describe it; that they, themselves, are internalizing a hatred for their own gender; the women they should be supporting.  It’s a tough thing for feminists to see in other women.  I try to be compassionate and want so much to understand, but I don’t, and I can’t.  It is so foreign to me.

Donald Trump is dangerous – dangerous to minorities, dangerous to the disabled, dangerous to the poor and working class, dangerous to people of color and immigrants, extremely dangerous to women, and most of all, he is dangerous to this country as a whole. The thought of him being elected is terrifying in the extreme. The GOP continuing to have a majority in the House and Senate would mean more steps backward and halting the progress already made.

Be aware of the issues – don’t let the media and the GOP sway you with fear and hate.  Vote and fight for what is right.  Vote and continue to fight for what women have fought for for so long.  Vote and fight for decency.  Fight for this country and for the world.

P.S.   You can keep your hate, your intolerance and your vitriol to yourself.  Any such comments will not be approved, nor responded to.


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