What Happens Now?

Like so many other women around this country and the world, I, too, was/am aghast at the results of the US presidential election.  Like so many, I sobbed when I read the news upon awakening on November 9, 2016 – a day that should stand in infamy, like December 7th and September 11th.  This is not hyperbole, this is truth.

I am fortunate in that I have a large tribe of Goddess-Sisters and Goddess-Women to whom I could discuss this with.  My feelings were understood and I understood theirs.  I had a message waiting for me when I awoke from my beautiful Sister, TA, and I was touched and honored by her reaching out to me in the wee hours.

I stand in fear of the future.  While we never know what the future will actually bring, in this case, we have his words to tell us what the US future may bring.

I fear for those whom I love in the LGBTQ community, whose marriages and families could be ripped apart, once again completely discriminated against.  I fear for immigrants who are fleeing the evil in their own countries to be denied entrance into our country because of the evil being done here. I fear for those illegal immigrants already here who face being tossed out unceremoniously.  I fear for those who depend on the Affordable Care Act for their medical insurance because they are elderly,  unemployed, poor or have an existing medical condition that prohibits them from getting insurance any other way.  I fear for those who have mental health issues as they will get no sympathy or empathy from this new administration.  I fear for minorities, whether they be African-American, Latina/Latino, Native American and so on.  I fear “stop and frisk”.  I fear more young men of color being shot down by the authorities we are supposed to trust. I fear for Mother Earth as climate change will surely ravage Her more than it already has.   I fear for the world as there is now a madman at the helm of the “button”, a man who loves belittling others and cannot turn a deaf ear to those who dislike him, a man who is a bully.

I fear for women.  We have fought so long and so hard for equal rights.  The ERA seems more like a dream than ever.  We have fought sexual harassment and molestation; we have fought rape and rape culture – we are still fighting these battles.  Now, this country will be led by a so-called man who disrespects women and is proud of it, who brags of what he does and how he gets away with it, who thinks nothing of walking in on naked women in a dressing room and belittling women he feels are unworthy due to their looks.

I fear for our children.  The young girls, who already suffer under patriarchy and are continuously barraged with images that look down on them as inferior, and they continue to suffer as they mature, knowing that they will never be equal.  The young boys, who already are learning rape culture and disrespect toward women will now have an excuse for why they can continue to behave this way.  How can we teach them that bullying is wrong when the country is run by the biggest bully?

I fear that we live in a country so filled with hate, anger, bigotry and violence. That people want change is not bad; that people would vote for a man such as this one continues to boggle my mind.  Women, white women, voted for this unqualified misogynist over a very well-qualified woman.  The fissues of trust in reference to her, were completely overshadowed by *everything* about his man.  In  my last blog I referred to these women as traitors, betraying their gender.  I stand by that statement.

We are, today, still aghast and in fear.  We wonder what happens now?  I believe what happens is that we dry the tears of yesterday.  We rise up, together, and we fight for decency.  We fight for our children, our country and our world.  And, yes, we fight for ourselves.  Search out those who feel as you do, band together.  Women, get together wherever you are – Sisterhood is powerful – don’t forget that.

I am all that conservative America hates – a woman and a feminist who practices a Goddess-based religion and identifies as a Witch.  I have everything to fear, but in the past 24 hours, I have promised myself that, while I may be afraid, I will never give in, and I will never surrender.  Love, goodness, and decency must win; because if it does not, we are doomed.




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