More Post-Election Thoughts

It’s no secret that the last six days have been hell for some, and paradise for others.  I fall into the “hell” category.  I have run the gamut of emotions for sobbing uncontrollably, to denial, confusion, anger, wanting to fight until my dying breath.  I can’t say it has gotten any better, yet, and may not for a very long time.

I’m not going to repeat what we have all seen around the ‘Net and Facebook.  Minorities are scared.  Members of the LGBTQ community are scared.  Those who are mentally and physically disabled are scared.  Women are terrified.  I can’t see these feelings going away anytime soon; in fact, as we move forward into an abyss, these feelings may intensify.

I have heard/read/seen repeatedly that those who voted for the President-elect are not all racist, misogynistic, bigot people.  I do believe this.  There are people whom I know personally who voted for him, and to my knowledge, none of them fall into this category.  However, the incidents of racism and hate have been trickling in from all over the country and, from what I can see, they are increasing.  I am of the mind that they will continue to increase.  So while not all of them are of DT’s mindset, enough of them are to make this country increasingly uncomfortable.  This is one of the truths that has been unveiled.

The news that has been reported is also not comforting.  An anti-semite has been appointed Chief of Staff.  Pence, the VP-elect, heads the transition team.  Make not mistake, he is as bad, if not worse than Trump.  His religion dictates his every move and that always spells disaster.  For people who complain about the Middle East and Sharia law, Pence’s mindset is not that far from it.  I am amazed by these politicians who throw the Constitution around but have no idea what it says, or means.  The separation of church and state was set up for a reason; Pence is that reason.

The campaign broke up many relationships, friends and relatives.  Some of the words flying back and forth on Facebook was truly heart-breaking.  But as we know, words, like toothpaste, can’t be put back in the tube.

If you thought these hate-filled comments would go away with the results of the election, you were wrong.  I try very hard to not get into these discussions/threads because it doesn’t solve anything.  It makes it worse and people dig in their heels.  Those of us who are empaths have it that much harder because we feel *everything* so damn much.

There is so much of this “get over it”  and “give him a chance” (ironic, that) talk.  I decided to comment that, in my opinion, white people can never *fully* understand the feelings of an African-American or a Latino/Latina; that straight folks can never *fully* understand the feelings of one in the LGBTQ community; we, who were born in this country can never *fully* understand the fears of those who were not, knowing that they can be kicked out of this country, their families destroyed;, nor unless we are mentally or physically disabled can we truly understand what they go through on a daily basis.

The only response I got (to my knowledge) was extremely sarcastic, snarky and nasty, stating that, of course, no one has women in the family, no one has any friends who are gay or black.  No, they absolutely couldn’t because he was nothing but a stupid white man who knew nothing.  Whoa!  There is one angry white man with many a chip on his shoulder; I’m guessing he voted fro Trump.  I wish him a good day and exited the conversation.  More stress I do not need.

Then yesterday, a woman that I am friends with on Facebook only, commented that it was going to be hard being the only american who will never accept the “racist, rapist elect”.  I will mention that this woman is African-American.  That point should not matter, but, let’s be real here, it does matter to some, to more than we previously thought.  She was attacked by those saying that she was NOT the only one and who did she think she was?  I think she is someone with two strikes against her — she is a woman and she is black.  She is also terrified and angry; she has every right to be.  All I commented to her was that I agreed with her 100%.  I really did not understand why there were those commenting as they did.  I’m sure she knew then and knows now that she is not alone, but these are her feelings and she is absolutely entitled to them.  She wasn’t speaking for you, or me, or anyone else, but only herself.  We all have that right; or we do for now.

You  may not always like the truth or want to hear it, but sometimes you have to look into that mirror and face it.

So, six days out – we all need to be strong, stand together, FIGHT.  Those of us of a more progressive, liberal bent now know what is ahead of us.  When it gets bad, when you want to cry more, or hide under the covers, reach out to someone who feels the same as you.  Let them support you emotionally, and, in turn, you will support them.

I wish us all the strength and courage we will all need to weather what comes next.  May the Goddess bless us all.




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