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As I write this, it is the middle of January, 2017. It is a cold, dreary, overcast day in Massachusetts. A perfect day to journal, to meditate, to contemplate.

It is also the week of the inauguration of a president-elect that many, many people feel is repugnant, an insult to the office of President. I must say that I am one of those people. Everything I stand for and believe in runs completely counter to what that man represents.

I have been on my spiritual path for four decades; yes, 40 years. I am a daughter of the Goddess. I love my path. I love my Goddess. I love to meditate; I taught Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to women for years. I taught about the Goddess through the art of belly dance. I am a healer, a Reiki Master and a Crystal Healer. All of this, I did, and do, in the name of the Goddess.

Women, just by the nature of their being, are Warriors. We come into a world that is ready to beat us down simply for being female. We are taught to act a certain way; to be quiet, not loud; dress to look like a lady, not a woman, not a whore; don’t swear; don’t try to get ahead in your job because you will be seen as aggressive, a bitch. We walk down a street and men feel they can say the most disgusting things to us by virtue of the fact that they are men, and we are not. This does not even take into account the physical fear that we deal with on a daily basis, because we are Woman.

The man who has been elected to the highest office in the US is the personification of what a woman fears, what a woman hates; he triggers us with his misogyny and predatory sexism. He is the type of man who brings out the Warrior in a certain type of woman.

There are those, women included, that feel that you cannot fight for what you believe, stand up for your principles, and still be a feminine woman. Not only that, but fighting back is the “dark side” of the spiritual coin. Who wants to go to the dark side? I do, and many are there right along with me.

Politically speaking, to some, this week feels like Darkness personified. Many fear the path the world, in general, and the US, specifically, seems to be traveling. Many different communities are feeling afraid, confused as to what their future will hold.
So, yes, it is dark. But it does not make me weak. It makes me strong

Yes, it is dark. We should look that dark right in the face and confront it.

Yes, it is dark, but cliche as it is, you cannot have the light without the dark.

As women, we have all spent time in the darkness, whether by choice as it was dictated by our spiritual path, or because we fell into the darkness due to life’s circumstances. But whatever reason we were there, alone, in the dark, whether we embraced it or fought it, we learned from it. Take the knowledge, the wisdom that you have acquired on your path and apply it to what is in front of you. What have you learned in the darkness that you can bring into the light?

Maybe the country, the world, is seeking the magic that we, as women, hold. Maybe, we were born for this time, this reason, to fight the darkness that threatens to overcome.

These are the times that our faith in the Goddess comes to the fore. We may see what is happening and feel helpless and/or hopeless. But we are neither. We have faith, which makes us strong. We are women with an inbred indomitable Warrior spirit. As women, we become warriors in the fight for what is right and what is good.

So, for myself, I will take the dark and use it to fuel the flame that brings the light to the fight. I will be a Warrior. A Beautiful, Spiritual Woman Warrior!

Would you join me?


Shakti Warrior


6 thoughts on “Spiritual Warrior Woman

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  1. Indeed!! This Warrior Woman has been fighting the good fight since 1964 and even tho’ I am weary of the battle, I still continue! Let us join our Goddess energies to defend and raise up the type of mindset that will demolish the power and control, bigoted, misogynistic patriarchal bullshit that is upon us!!!! I call on Kali, Durga, Sekhmet, Hecate and others to rally!! Blessed be!

  2. How are you feeling a few months in? Look at all the women who have chosen to stand up for them selves. It’s time! They….We are standing. We have given our power away before but now we stand in it! It’s cool. We are stronger together, just like Hillary said! I do hope you are feeling better even though there is much to do. Just sticking in my blog link here because it is about listening to my spirit. What she has been up to during my life https://unbreakablejoy.wordpress.com/.
    Thanks for these words!

    1. I don’t know if I feel much different. Yes, women are standing up for themselves, marching in solidarity. I will feel much better when change is made, when I don’t wake up everyday dreading to read the news. I hope this women standing together remains much in the fore – I would like to see women of color come out and join us and not feel as if this were a white women only thing, because it is not. It is all of us, women of all all ages, sizes, shapes, colors, alongside our allies in the LGBTQ community, the immigrant community and whatever male allies we have. Thank you for sending along you blog. I will be most happy to read it.

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